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Machine vs. Hand massage

Nov 18

Machine vs. Hand massage

Massage by hand, a wonderful therapy, has been around for thousands. Now we have the option of massaging in mesa by using machines. There are two types.


"Kneading" massager

Massage chairs and cushions use the same "kneading", action as professional massage therapists. You can do unlimited massage with them, but it's not as effective or efficient as professional massage.


Vibration massage machine

These machines massage using vibration waves that penetrate the skin, such as ultrasound or laser. They can be used for self-massage almost indefinitely. However, vibration massage may not be as effective as hand or arm massage. Let's review the facts.


  • Be persistent and do not succumb to pressure

  • Amazing scientifically supported effects

  • High-quality therapy is possible without any special skills.

  • It delivers high-quality treatment without the need for special skills or knowledge.

  • Capacity of penetration

Massage must reach deep into the skin to be effective. Although hand massage uses pressure to accomplish this, vibration massage uses mechanical vibrations much like ultrasound uses sound waves. One advantage to vibrations is their ability to penetrate deeper than sound waves. Vibrations can penetrate deeper than sound waves, which means there is less risk of injury. The machines below will show you how vibrations penetrate, and the damage that can be caused.


How do vibrations penetrate?

The vibrations produced by this truck penetrate the earth's crust and bounce off layers upon layers of rocks. The vibrations can then easily be detected by sensors, which can detect them from several kilometers away. Vibration massagers use the same principle to penetrate your muscles.


This machine is known as the sheep's-foot roller. It compresses the ground below by applying crushing pressure. Its impact is probably about one meter deep.


Put pressure on yourself to get in

To penetrate, pressure is applied by either hand or manual massage. This machine cannot penetrate as much as the vibration machine. It is more laborious and can cause more harm.

Massage Mesa

Evidence has been supported by science in the form of scientific research

These vibrations penetrate deeply. They have been scientifically proved to be extremely efficient. These effects are listed below. Our summary video and article Vibration Massage contains more information.


There are no specific skills required

All you have to do to use vibration massage is to place vibrating massager pads on the required area. To get the best massage frequency, time and place, consult a professional. You can apply this simple information to achieve effective therapy. This video will show you how easy it can be to apply vibration therapy.


The possibilities of therapy are almost limitless

Both vibration massage and hands massage by a skilled therapist are great treatments. But, massage can be used in combination with other therapies. A skilled therapist cannot offer vibration massage but can only give a hand massage. When massaging your hands, you can use lotion or a few olive oils to avoid friction and aid in gliding. It's not enough to pour the oil on her back. Make sure she feels like she's eating a salad. You can coat your hands with warm oils, then rub them together until the oils become slippery. After that, you can go to work.


If you want to give someone else a relaxing session, don't grab onto tight muscles. Instead, let loose strokes and soft movements do the most.


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