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What's the right choice for me between roof replacement and re-roofing?

Nov 25

What's the right choice for me between roof replacement and re-roofing?

Previous Next Re-roofing damaged rooms. Although the roof is one of your most important investments, it can also provide the highest return. A new roof will resell for more than 80% according to statistics.


When it is time to repair your roof, you must decide whether to re-roof or replace the entire roof. Let's see which option is best for us.


What is the Re-Roofing Process Like?

Re-roofing is a quick and inexpensive way to change the look of your roof.


A new shingle overlay is placed over the old shingles in re-roofing. It will restore the roof's aesthetic and provide a protective layer that helps prevent any leaks from entering your home.


It is possible to re-roof your roof if it has just one layer of roofing shingles. Building standards prohibit the addition of a third layer to roofs with more than one layer.

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Re-Roofing: The Advantages


  • Because it is quick and doesn't require much time, labor, or supplies, re-roofing tends to be less costly than other options for roof repair.

  • Re-roofing doesn't necessarily require the replacement or repair of your entire roof. It is the fastest way you can restore your roof.

What does a Roof Repair entail?


After your roof has been replaced, you can remove the old shingles and reveal your deck. Next, the deck will be covered with felt or underlayment to protect against water and other factors. After the underlayment is removed, new shingles can be applied to the roof. The roof should last at least twenty years.


Decks that have been severely damaged must be replaced to avoid potential future damage.


Benefits of a Complete Roofing Replacement


  • Re-roofing is more durable than replacing the roof completely.

  • It does not matter how many layers of roofing shingles you have.

  • Contrary to re-roofing that may hide deck issues such as rot or eventually cause roof failure, a completely renovated roof addresses all issues for safer and longer-lasting roofs.

  • You will save money in the end because you can see early signs of decay or sag on the deck. If water is allowed to pool inside walls, it can cause damage and expensive repairs.



How to choose between Complete Roof Replacement and Re-Roofing

You might consider re-roofing if your roof is in good condition overall, but you are having small leaks or problems.


If you only have one layer of asphalt roofing, you might be a good candidate for roof re-roofing. It is possible to skip re-roofing if only a section of your roof needs to be repaired.


Roofs with more than two layers of roof shingles must be removed. This will increase both labor and disposal costs. Roofers typically charge per 10'x10' square. Partial reroofing is, therefore, more expensive.


If the deck has signs of severe water damage or is sagging or has significant mold or mildew growth, it will need to repair.


If you are looking for peace of mind, a roof replacement might be a good option. The roofer will examine your roof for signs of damage and make any necessary repairs to ensure a durable and strong roof.


Final note: If cost is a concern, re-roofing can still provide a great roof, provided the deck is not damaged. The key is to choose quality roof shingles with a 10-year or longer lifespan.


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