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Everything you need to know about Roof Styles

Jan 10

Basic Roof Styles

There are four types of roofs. A flat roof is the most popular. They're not level and will not permit runoff. They're cheaper to set up and keep up by Pittsburgh contractors and are easier to use.

Skillion Roof

A skillion roof refers to a roof that is atop an building in an angle and has one wall higher than the other.

Gabled Roof

The roof, which is an upside-down V in which the roof doesn't meet the wall's end is a gabled or gable roof. Gables are the upside-down V at the bottom. A simple gable roof features only a single central ridge.

Hipped Roof

A roof that connects all walls horizontally is an hipped or hip roof. A normal hipped roof has an underlying ridge, and instead of the triangle of the gable sitting vertically, it is turned backwards, forming two ridges , referred to as hips.

Cross Gabled and Cross Hipped

However, most homes aren't rectangles or squares. A L formed or T-shaped house may have two gabled roofs that join with an inside valley angle. This is referred to as a cross gabled roof.

The same applies to Hipped roofs. The L or T shape may be covered with an overhanging hipped roof.

Mix and match

Roofs can be a mix of these basic styles - you can have a gabled roof in a right angle with the steep roof. Sometimes, for decoration, the hipped roof and Gable roof are arranged with the same plan in a style known as Dutch gable.

Other Styles

There are different designs that are variations of these basic forms. An A-frame , for instance, an over-exaggerated form of gable. Another variant of gable is the gambrel roof. It is a barn roof that has an easy sloped top followed by the slope is steep. Mansard roofs have similar gentle and steep pitches but is more hipped than gabled.

These types of roofs can have practical applications. Gambrel roofs give you more space for a second storey and can shed snow better than a lower sloped roof.

Gabled roofs are generally less expensive to construct than hipped roofs, but hipped roofs are more resistant to strong winds. All it comes down to the individual's taste. Siding Pittsburgh Contractors also stated that all roofing styles work well to keep rain out and will not fall away if they're correctly secured, and it's the look of the roof that counts.

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