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Tips to select the perfect shine color

Jul 12

It's not an easy job to replace or upgrade your roof. A lot of people don't think about the color of the shingles they'd like to have, but it can change the look of your home. It could completely alter the style and appearance of your home.

Certain combinations of colors may help in reducing the heat your roof is absorbing, but also could make your roof appear larger or smaller. It can blend in or make a statement against the surroundings. The best choice you will get is residential roofing kansas City.


Tips for Choosing Shingle Color

A new roof is a big investment so keep in mind that you'll have to live with your shingle color choice for an extended period of time. The neighbors will, too.


Neutral Colors

Neutral colors are often the most sought-after colors. They are great for matching the home with the surroundings. It is also possible to match the roof with other aspects of the home is also popular.

Popular colors include muted browns, grays as well as blacks. They tend to work better in colder climates since they are better at absorbing sunlight, as well. They'll match with trims for windows, your exterior walls and the landscaping of your backyard.


A dark roof may make it seem larger and stronger than what it really is. This is especially true for homes with a single story. Your Kansas City home will lose its appeal and beauty if it has dark siding. It is important to contact roofing companies in my area to discuss this issue.


A roof with a light shingle could appear unbalanced in a multi-storied structure. If your home's exterior is of a similar color it can also begin to fade, and eventually lose all of its special features.


Mixed Color

Many people prefer to mix the same shades. Reds, greens, browns, and blue shingles are very popular. Mixing the shingles gives your roof texture and depth.

You would choose to use blended colors with a home which is a solid, simple color. Brick homes with several colors and a multicolored roof could be quite awe-inspiring.


Plain siding is a great option with two-tone roofing. The darker shades tend to mix together, however the variations in browns and tans create an amazing visual impact. It is recommended to use shingles with multiple colors with plain siding but not with bricks or stone that are already mixed.

Easy Guide

When it comes to the roof, select a darker shade than the rest of the house. Storm Contracting can help. A home that has wood siding and trees is best served by a dark green or a blended green and brown roof. If you have a clay or red brick siding, then a great choice is black, brown, dark grey, or dark green shingles.


For lighter colors like white or cream, it is possible to go with stark contrasts, such as the black color or something subtle like brown, grey or green. It is also possible to use greens and grays as the mix, but they shouldn't be too strong or clash with the rest of your home.


Match the roof shingles with the trim of your home. If your house is a cream or tan color and you want to change the roof shingles a couple of shades darker. A lighter brown can give the house depth and create a gorgeous contrast, but without appearing too extravagant.


Ask Your Roofer

Contact us to get a no-cost estimate and for ideas on what to do. We are roofing companies in Kansas City that have decades of expertise. We can assist you to pick the best color for your roofing.


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