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Common Mistakes Roofers Don't Make You aware of

Oct 25


Are you able to identify typical roof issues that can cause roof damage and expensive repairs? Most roofing companies in Indianapolis will not inform the public about these common mistakes however, we will.


In the case of the money you are spending on roofing, you'll want to ensure that your installation is flawless. By learning what to check for and what could be wrong, you'll be sure to avoid costly issues and premature roof failure.


Roofers are known to make these blunders in the process of installing the roof. should be avoided:

Shingles for Roofing that Don't Match

The most evident error that a roofing contractor could commit is mismatched shingles. This is a common error made by roofing contractors who utilize multiple dealers and purchase items from multiple vendors.

This can be prevented by hiring a roofing professional who works with the same wholesaler of roofing materials on a regular basis.

Shingles in Layers

It could or might not be illegal to construct the new roof without first ripping up the old one, contingent on the jurisdiction in which your property is.

Roof shingles can be repaired or replaced

Your contractor will be able to evaluate the deck of your roof for defects, gaps, or other potential issues through the removal of the previous roofing system. Your roof deck will not be able to support the weight of two different systems this is a major bonus.


This cost-cutting method eliminates the need for a complete tear-off process and garbage hauling, however, it should only be utilized on commercial roofing systems in accordance with all state and local laws.

Using Roofing Nails incorrectly

Specific guidelines regarding the size and application of nails apply to roofing systems using nails to secure them to the deck of the roof. These are the most common mistakes that may result in your insurance company not paying an insurance claim if your roof is damaged.


Roofing materials Using nails incorrectly during the installation

* Nails without barbs on shanks.

* Your fingernails may be too short.

* The nail heads aren't big enough.

* There is not enough nails. The number of nails per shingle is 4 and six are recommended for slopes that are steeper and top-quality installations.

* Nails were driven above the self-sealing strip.

Nails are placed in knot holes or into gaps in the deck of the roof.

The Eves have an error with their Shingle Overhang

The shingle's lateral overhang at eaves should be between 6-10mm. If you exceed this, the shingles could fall off during high winds or severe storms. Water infiltration of the roof deck, as well as leaks within the structure, are possible when the roof's depth is less than 6 millimeters.


A proper shingle's overhang for the roofing system

Proper shingle installation and the inclusion of drip edge flashing that helps protect the deck's margins from water infiltration is a good way to avoid this mistake. The shingle adhesive is used to hold this flashing.

Roof system gutters and drip edge

Ensure that all drip edge flashings have been repaired when your roofing system is rebuilt. This price is negligible compared to the cost to repair a roof and can assist in protecting your investment. Starter Shingles that aren't properly installed or are missing. This is a frequent error made by novice contractors as well as DIYers. In the eaves, a beginning portion of shingles is required.


Without starter shingles, water could seep into the roof deck through lower shingles' slots.

Incorrectly installed subelement

Roofing underlayment is a waterproofed or waterproof layer that is applied directly to your roof deck. To provide additional protection against the elements and weather elements it is positioned beneath all other roofing materials.

Installation of underlayment in a roofing system


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